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Milwaukee Area LifeChain

Announcing the 25th Annual Milwaukee Area LifeChain

Sunday, October 5, 2014, 2-3:30 p.m.

We organize through a Contact Person for each group (usually churches)

To register your group use the "Register" link above or call (414) 732-5991

Not part of a group?  You can participate by calling the number above.

Last Milwaukee Area LifeChain? Please read


1 Minute LifeChain Promo

Original LifeChain Promo: 1989 Bakersfield Life Chain
(VCR of this distributed during the early years, 20 mins but very good)

Great Web Site:  Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center 

Great Story: Did you hear about this Vanderbilt nursing student?  She is a great example of what one principled person can accomplish and she cites LifeChain as important in the formation of her ProLife position. 

Since the start of LifeChain in Milwaukee its most powerful influence has been on those who hold the signs and not the general public.  This influence is most critical on our children as they participate year after year.  Anne Marie Dust states how LifeChain influenced her and demonstrates how this influence can affect the public debate in ways beyond what we at first may realize.

Please check out this 4 minute video of her story

Last Year:  The 24th annual 2013 Milwaukee Area LifeChain had 1,200 participants from 77 area churches. 

Wisconsin held 44 LifeChains in 42 cities 

Across America there were over 1,700 LifeChains

As in the past reports from participants were positive.  Be encouraged, through these efforts God continues spur the church to action and save preborn children from an unjust death.