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Please note that inclusion on this list does not indicate or imply endorsement or even complete knowledge of the views expressed on these sites or the persons and organizations represented.

LifeChain National - Please Let Me Live

Other LifeChains -

NEW in 2015... The Center for Medical Progress Go here to see the PP videos!

Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center A Great Web Site!

180 The Movie from Ray Comfort

Missionaries To The Preborn


LifeSite News

Life Dynamics

Abortion Violence .com

Clinic Quotes - Words of Abortion Workers

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Operation Rescue-Operation Save America

ProLife Wisconsin

American Life League

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Wisconsin Right to Life

National Right to Life

STOPP International - Stop Planned Parenthood

Americans United for Life

Baptists for Life

Do No Harm

Lutherans for Life

Presbyterians Pro-life