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Code of Conduct

1.  Consider safety as the first priority.  Stay back from the street and do not extend signs beyond the curb.  Do not stand on the islands.  Stand 15 feet from drive ways so as to not block driver's vision.

2.  Give immediate passage to pedestrians and do not block any driveways or crosswalks.

3.  Please help others, especially mothers watching small children, and seniors carrying chairs. 

4.  To acknowledge motorists who approve of our LifeChain, let's respond with a friendly smile and limit our verbal and/or animated responses.  Our sincerity will be a powerful witness, in keeping with the solemn message on our signs.

5.  Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence and a kind "smile" to express our inner peace and forgiveness.  Give way to any pro-death people that show up and move if asked to, please do not argue with them.  This is our time of prayerful repentance before God, not theirs.   Please don't let anyone waste this time or steal it from you.

6.  Use crosswalks to cross the street and do not hold up traffic.

7. Please pick up any trash in your area before leaving.